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Pixel Source provides a wide range of creative media services
by creative professionals for a variety of clients nationwide.

Providing effective creative media virtually anywhere.

Pixel Source provides creative media services and nationwide. We're here to share your excitement and passion in creating a flawless design that outshines your competitors and guarantees success! At Pixel Source, we understand your revolutionary spirit and drive to develop only the most innovative products and services. We are proud to become a part of your team to ensure your unique vision and business goals come to life!

The Pixel Source Creative Team

Talented and experienced professionals.

Pixel Source is composed of highly skilled creative professionals that strive to make your business a success. Our team of experienced specialists include: Creative Directors, Website Designers, Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Videographers, Art Directors and Writers. Our project management ensures your project is developed in an organized fashion. Our team will communicate with you on the production of your project every step of the way to guarantee you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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About our company

Providing effective creative media services to our clients.

Pixel Source, Inc. is a full service creative media company that provides a multitude of services by certified professionals. We offer creative media services seamlessly across all disciplines including: Product Branding & Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Website Design, Illustration, Photography, Video Production and more. We can propel our clients vision and satisfy any request. At Pixel Source, we think inventively. Our designers develop strategic visual design and marketing solutions that help connect you with your target audience. Pixel Source will give you the creative tools you need to establish a memorable brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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About our services

A full range of creative media services.

Pixel Source provides many services that cater to the fledgling business or an individual’s aspirations. Our services are based on the concept of innovation through creative media production. We provide a wide array of services including: Packaging Design, Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production and much more. We only offer the highest quality, stunning and unique designs that incorporate proven marketing strategies to expand your business or enhance your specific needs. With a full arsenal of creative professionals, we are ready to make your project a success!

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Privacy Policy

Your innovative project is always kept confidential.

We understand that your innovative concepts are extremely unique and confidential. We work closely with you and only you to develop your ideas so they become a reality. Your project and and all information relating to proprietary ideas and inventions relayed during discussions and production are 100% confidential. All information pertaining to our services and methodologies will be used only for the purposes required to fulfill production obligations and will not be disclosed to any third party. Material is never disclosed to the public without your written consent. Brand names and registered trademarks are sole property of their respective owners. Rest assured your project is in good hands. We're ready to assist you in launching your incredible new venture.

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Client Satisfaction

Striving to exceed your expectations.

Our creative professionals work closely with you to guarantee your goals are met and your expectations are exceeded. We consult with you on the production progress every step of the way. Through our consistent efforts of providing you around-the-clock availability, dynamic meetings that work around your schedule and an online client login system, you can place confidence in us that your project will be a success. We guarantee finished creative media that will impress you and your target audience.

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Getting Started

Contact us with your project request.

Contact us today to get started on your incredible new project. We never cease to share your passion and get inspired by your innovative ideas because we truly love to provide exciting and effective creative media that’s right for you. Our friendly team of experts begin with an extensive consultation and getting-to-know process. We clearly outline project details and provide an overall production timeline for you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or needs you may have, we’ll take the guesswork out of launching your business. We're ready to work right alongside you to make sure everything is a great success. Contact us today.

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Eric Torriente is Pixel Source's Founder, President, Creative Director & Graphic Designer. He attended the prestigious New World School of the Arts in Miami Florida and then continued his education at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland, completing his BFA Degree in 2003. Starting in 2007, Eric combined his artistic abilities, knowledge of technology and brand marketing insight to start Pixel Source Inc. As an experienced Creative Director & Graphic Designer, Eric provides a full range of effective creative media services to clients from all over the nation. Eric always believes that what is important is to provide effective creative media services that will enable lots of success for clients.
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